Saturday, September 1, 2012

New CPA-Only Table in Break Room

In order to create more of an incentive for the Accounting Department staff to pass the CPA Exam, management has announced a CPA-only table in the break room. Julie Thompson told reporters, “Just like the cool table in high school, the CPA-only table is for a select group. Besides, most of the CPAs probably never got to sit at the cool table in high school so it’s nice for them to experience this feeling.”

Treasury Department Manager Harold Mercer is one that will continue to wonder what it’s like to be at the cool table. Despite having passed three certification tests, Tim has yet to pass the CPA Exam. “I bet he hasn’t even tried,” admitted Lori Anderson. “Sometimes I wonder if he’s really serious about his career.” Julie added, “Yeah, I think all that joking around is just to cover up his lack of GAAP knowledge.”

Unfortunately, none of Harold's certifications will get him a seat at the CPA-only table. “There are days I stare at that corner table as I eat my lunch,” Harold confessed. “I hear them all laughing at ratio jokes that I just don’t get. And that’s what hurts the most.”

It is rumored that Harold’s Secret Santa has purchased Becker CPA Review books to help Tim pass the exam.

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