Monday, October 1, 2012

Manager Acting More Important Than He Really Is

Manager Charlie Moore is reportedly acting like he is an important part of the Finance Department, sources say. According to Analysts working with him, Moore has demonstrated his importance by demanding that other staff make his travel plans for him, pick up his lunch, and even run his errands. Moore thinks he has earned this importance by working for five straight years at Widgets Corp, LLC, Inc.

He did not always act like this say some employees. "He was cool until that one morning he finished his online MBA Program. Then, he became very important and started making us call him Manager Moore instead of Charlie”.

"A guy like that must be really important," said Winifred Smith. "Otherwise, why would he call me on Sunday at home to tell me something that could have waited until Monday morning?" Jim Alger agreed. "You know when somebody is one of Widgets Corp, LLC, Inc.'s 173 managers, he has truly reached the pinnacle of the business world. They are the players that are molding the corporate world right before our eyes. We are only too lucky to do their grunt work and have them take credit for it."

Moore commented that he is way too busy "making things happen" to be interviewed for this story, adding "hey, you, could you make seven copies of this?"

Written by John Garrett

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