Thursday, March 1, 2012

Despite Company Slogan, Widgets Gets Same Results

Widgets Corp, LLC, Inc., known for it’s slogan “Better people, Better results”, recently announced it will actually get the “same results” this year, despite hiring “better people”.

Widgets spokesperson Tom Searson said it's time to realize that the statement may have been far fetched. "After consulting with several clients, we realized that we were doing just fine with the people we had."

Searson went on to admit the slogan was created after the committee ate Papa John’s pizza for lunch. “I guess we didn’t really think this one through,” admitted Searson. “Better ingredients do make better pizzas but that slogan format only works if you are making things people eat”.

Widgets will begin working on a new slogan campaign immediately. Rumor has it that the front runner is "We’re Pretty Good with Who We Have Now".

Written by John Garrett