Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bathrooms on 5th Floor are "Way Nicer"

Due to a plumbing issue last week, all Widgets Corp LLC, Inc. employees had to use the restrooms on the 5th floor. Although these restrooms are in the same building, everyone was surprised at the differences. When asked how they compare, almost everyone used the phrase "way nicer".

Tim Green said his favorite part of the bathroom decor were the automatic sensors on the sinks and toilets. He said, "I'm a middle-manager so I don't have the time to be turning faucets on and off. And forget about flushing toilets."

Reasons for the higher rating for the women's bathroom included gold framed mirrors from West Elm and purple velvet curtains. "I was pleasantly surprised," Winifred Smith told reporters. "So much so, I found myself going to the bathroom just to hang out." Janice Miller added, "The lighting in there is really outstanding."

The plumbing issue is expected to be resolved by the end of the week. Until then, due to an increase in loitering complaints, building security has announced that all employees must now use the restroom in the Starbucks next door.

Written by John Garrett