Thursday, December 1, 2011

Work-Life Balance Plan Fails

In what has become known as the "Seward's Folly" of Corporate America, Widgets Corp LLC, Inc. admitted that the Work-Life Balance propaganda has led to the demise of the company. "It ends up that we gave them a choice, and the professionals actually chose 'life' over work," said a disappointed Cara Lewis, Widgets spokesperson. "We thought that they would surely choose work." The other companies are busy using this to their advantage. "Those silly fools. I cannot believe that the leadership would even give them a choice," said Brian Jenkins, spokesperson for Thingamabob, Widgets' biggest competitor. "The only choice our people get are work or live out on the streets. There is no question that work is your life and life is your work. That is how it should be at an institution like this." Many Widgets employees were leading the cause for the choice of 'life'. Richard Graffis, known for being a slacker, was not surprised to hear others prefer his evil ways. He told reporters that "it is about time that everyone else started working only 5 hours a day and then hitting the bars." Norm Tabler, having a reputation as a serious workaholic, was persuaded to choose 'life' by his peers. "I did not even know what this 'life' stuff was until I actually tried it. To tell you the truth, it was pretty fun and I think I'll try some more of it later this week." Cara Lewis stated that "Widgets is in the process of fixing the errant decision as quickly as possible". All professionals should expect to see the "Work-Life Balance Plan" to be replaced by the "What are you working on? Plan", hence taking away the choice of 'life'.

Written by
John Garrett