Monday, August 1, 2011

Kelli Abuses "Business Casual" Attire Rule

Kelli Ellis has the corporate office talking about her reckless attitude towards the office's business casual policy. Ellis, known for always being on the cutting edge, may have stepped over the line last week. Sporting merely khakis and a white t-shirt, Ellis strolled around like she was "all that". Her outfit clearly flew in the face of the office policy, which specifically states that "unacceptable attire includes... t-shirts or any other shirts without collars."

"It really made for an unprofessional environment," said Bruce Tapp. "I don't know how I can be expected to work when people are going to flaunt the rules like that."

Ellis defended her choice of outfits by stating that the t-shirt was purchased at the Gap, which somehow makes it acceptable. "Besides, I had to box up files this morning," Ellis said. An analysis of the policy turned up no exception for that activity.

Widgets leadership announced that Ellis would be given one-month's dress code probation, as well as not being allowed to participate in the next "blue jeans day".

Written by John Garrett