Sunday, April 1, 2012

Incoming Sales Associates Will Be Much Smarter

According to high-ranking sources inside Widgets Corp LLC, Inc., the newest class of sales associates are much better than those in previous years.

"We think we finally got it right this time," said HR Director Jennifer Smith. "Last year was kind of a dry run. We took the bottom of the barrel in order to experiment on them. Now that we've worked the kinks out, we'll bring in the real talent. The sequel will be better than the original."

"Everything about them is better," agreed Silvia Lydon. "They're smarter, more skilled with people, more athletic, and most of all, better looking. Another glaring difference between the classes is that the new class has only had 2 members that have participated in AA and the current group has, well, a lot more than that," she added.

Current Widgets employees aren't so sure that the new class will measure up.

“Working at Widgets is way harder than it looks," said Jeremy Brown. "If these rookies think they can just come right in and be superstars, they've got another thing coming. We all know what happened to 'Saved by the Bell: The New Class'".

Only time will tell which class performs better, but look for the rivalry to heat up in the months to come.

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