Saturday, October 1, 2011

IT Director Locked Out of System

IT Director Peter King forgot his password Monday morning and is still locked out of the system four days later. The WindowsXP security settings allow users three incorrect entries before requiring a new password. Unfortunately, King is responsible for resetting passwords when employees are locked out and there doesn't seem to be a backup plan in place. "I guess we never really thought about it happening to me," King admitted. "I've been calling our vendor for three days but they haven't been much help. We should have sprung for the upgraded support package."

When asked why they don't seem to have the same problem, other Widgets Corp LLC, Inc. employees stated, "I never forget mine because I just change the number at the end," said Jim Alger, who is using Password7 right now. "By the time I get to 9, I'm able to use the number 1 again". A bewildered VP, who asked to remain anonymous, added, "Why doesn't he just write in on a post-it note under his keyboard like everyone else?"

Peter King commented that he doesn't recommend writing your password on a post-it note. It's also safe to assume that he doesn't recommend getting locked out of the system.

Written by John Garrett

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