Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bryan Definitely Means to Interrupt

He’s only worked for Widgets Corp LLC, Inc. for eight months but everyone knows that Bryan Clark doesn’t always mean what he says. “Yeah, he’s always telling everyone ‘I don’t mean to interrupt’ but all he ever does is interrupt,” said Alexa Fuller.

The latest incident happened yesterday when Fuller closed her office door to quietly enjoy her lunch. A few minutes later, Clark knocked on her door as he opened it. Realizing Fuller was eating, Clark says, “I don’t mean to interrupt but what size font should I use on these slides?”

“Really?” Fuller asked sarcastically, shaking her head. “I have my door closed for a reason. Can’t a girl eat lunch in peace anymore?”

After repeated questioning by reporters, Clark finally admitted he actually did mean to interrupt. Clark then added, "It's not even my job to change the font size on these slides anyway.”

Written by John Garrett

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